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Oregon laws minors dating adults

To more accurately reflect the policy issues, we limit our analysis to mothers aged 15-17.(Comparable data for mothers aged 14 and younger were unavailable.) In addition, we focus on young women whose partner was at least five years older; such men are referred to as "older" partners throughout.Table 1 (page 62) describes the statutory provisions prohibiting sexual intercourse between adults and minors aged 15-17 for five states with the greatest annual number of births.

Furthermore, the act earmarks special state funds to expand the prosecution of adult men who father children with minors.

In this article, we present data that examine closely the role of older men in teenage childbearing.

Be aware and knowledgeable about the law and your rights under the law. Know the laws, and know the consequences of breaking the laws. Therefore, if you cooperate with the police, you will not be arrested for loud noise or an MIP.

It’s your responsibility to be a good neighbor and respect the rights of other community members. If you provide false information, interfere with an officer (e.g.

Second, what are the characteristics of these minors and of their relationships?

Finally, how do the socioeconomic characteristics of the older men who father children with minors differ from those of other adult fathers, and from those of younger fathers?A Special Response Fee will be charged to each person deemed liable for violations such as littering, amplified noise and urinating in public.Separate fees will be charged for each subsequent police response. In three of the five states examined, the statutory provisions do not even apply to 17-year-old women, but to those 16 and younger.The minimum age difference required for a felony offense ranges from three to seven years, with Florida not specifying an age restriction for men who engage in sexual intercourse with women younger than 16.Although such laws have had a long history in the United States, they had fallen into disuse in the last few decades, and only recently have some states revived and expanded these laws as part of efforts to reduce teenage pregnancy and related public welfare costs.For example, California's Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Act of 1995 created harsh penalties for statutory rape that results in pregnancy.This five-year age difference approximates the typical legal criterion for statutory rape in the five largest states, although other states may use stricter or looser criteria.Using this five-year definition of age differences between 15-17-year-olds and their partners, we examine three related questions: What is the frequency with which children of 15-17-year-olds are fathered by older men?The role of adult men in adolescent childbearing has received heightened attention in recent years, and new policy efforts have focused on statutory rape laws as a way to reduce adolescent childbearing.Analyses of the 1988 National Maternal and Infant Health Survey indicate, however, that these policies would not apply to most teenage births.

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