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“I told her I knew who she was and how old she was. In 2014, 396 survivors of human trafficking came in contact with the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force.

Of those, 381 were victims of sex trafficking, including 364 girls and women.

mother of two, who are being exploited by sex traffickers. Deborah Flory in the state police’s two-person Child Recovery Unit, Heid seeks to recover missing and underage victims and direct adult women to local resources, such as Turn Around, a local sexual assault/domestic violence with a trafficking survivors program.

She’d met him twice before, briefly, a few weeks earlier on the streets of D. The third time that the 31-year-old Douglas spotted her, they talked more. He paid to get her nails and hair done, made her feel special, and told her that he cared about her. Heid had just begun working with the Maryland State Police’s Child Recovery Unit.

The youngest person currently in their program is 11 years old.

“In any other circumstance, a 50-year-old having sex with a 15-year-old would face statutory rape charges.

Not long after meeting “Tori,” he drove her and another woman from Ohio to the Sheraton Baltimore North hotel in Towson, coercing her to have sex with men and forcing her to hand over all the money.

Busted in a Baltimore County sting operation, Veasey was using the money to pay off lawyers’ fees stemming from a rape charge.

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