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Offshore financial self liquidating loan services

Currently certain countries in the West Indies and Central America offer passports from ,000.

A passport can make all the difference in the world! insurance company's surrender charges no longer apply. The offshore trust will add another layer of protection and, if desired, can be drafted as a life insurance trust to keep proceeds out of the taxable estate.

Some are offered to children or grand children of nationals who emigrated to other countries, while others are offered to foreign workers and/or investors who bring in specific skills and capital for national economic development.

More and more Americans are taking on second passports these days as they offer many benefits and this trend has been growing for quite some time.

Times article, written by Marjorie Miller and Richard Boudreaux, is the following statement: "Sealand is just a speck in a postmodern archipelago of real and virtual ministates born of puckish claims by free-spirited pioneers and con artists. expatriation tax plan (where ,000 for an economic citizenship is worth it if you save more than this in tax); b) the desire to live and work in another country; c) insurance against draconian law in your existing country ranging from genocide to money controls.

1) Securing a second passport depends upon your needs.

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