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Starting in 1522, followers of Martin Luther and Huldrych Zwingli began to preach the Protestant Reformation in Appenzell.

The early reformers had the most success in the outer Rhoden, a term that in the singular is said to mean a "clearing", and occurs in 1070, long before the final separation.

Gall had established their power in the land later called Appenzell, which, too, became thoroughly Teutonized, its early inhabitants having probably been Romanized Raetians.

This treaty represented the end of Appenzell's last financial tie to the Abbey of St.

Gall, and a movement towards closer relationships with the Confederation.

In 1377 Appenzell was allowed to join the League with the support of the cities of Konstanz and St. Gallen was often at odds with the neighboring Abbey of St. With the support of the League, Appenzell refused to pay many of the gifts and tithes that the Abbot Kuno von Stoffeln demanded.

In response to the loss of revenue from his estates, Kuno approached the Austrian House of Habsburg for help.

Following the initial small success, in 1523 Joachim von Watt (also known as Joachim Vadian) began to preach the reformed version of the Acts of the Apostles to friends and fellow clergy.

His preaching brought the Reformation into the forefront of public debate.

Following a defeat at Bregenz, Appenzell was unable to hold the Bund together. Gallen and the Canton of Schwyz each paid off the Austrians to avoid an attack, and the Bund was dissolved by King Rupert of Germany on 4 April 1408.

In 1411 Appenzell signed a defensive treaty with the entire Swiss Confederation (except Bern), which strengthened their position against the abbot.

In October 1523, the Council supported the Protestant principle of scriptural sermons, and on 24 April 1524 the Landsgemeinde confirmed the Cantonal Council's decision.

However, the work of the Anabaptists in the Appenzell region (as well as in Zurich and St. The first police action against the Anabaptists took place in June 1525, followed by the Anabaptist Disputation in Teufen in October 1529.

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