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Because he clearly marked the year on his labels, violin experts have been able to understand differences between instruments built during different periods of his career.

This examination finally firmly establishes the date of this remarkable violin.

Nearly a decade ago, a young Jake Butt had just finished playing his first year of youth football in sixth grade.

On December 24, Berber signed an affidavit in the office of the American Consulate in Geneva affirming that the instrument was made by Antonio Stradivari and finalizing the sale to Matthews.

The date of "The Antonius" has long been misunderstood.

After examining the instrument in the 1950s, however, the New York violin expert Rembert Wurlitzer was convinced that the label should be read as 1717 and firmly dated as having been made within Stradivari's "golden period," which is said to have lasted from around 1700 until 1720, when many of the master's greatest instruments were made.

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The date of 1717 made the instrument even more desirable, and Museum materials began to use the 1717 date in connection with "The Antonius." Curators and conservators later became more cautious and referred to the instrument as having been made in either 1717 or 1721.

There was a career day at his school and one of his classmates in his Columbus, Ohio, suburb brought in his father, Greg Gillum, who was on Ohio State's football staff.

The speech made such an impression on Butt that he wrote Gillum a thank you note, dating it May 25, 2007.

He also appeared as a soloist and made his American debut performing the Brahms Violin Concerto with The Symphony Society of New York (a predecessor orchestra to the New York Philharmonic) in October 1910.

The following month, Berber performed the same piece with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, a concert that Anne Matthews likely attended.

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