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After a year or more, I was almost ready to want a soul mate, so I worked on the letter over several weeks.Adding and subtracting characteristics of my future soulmate from time to time.

The more clients, the better the chance for folks to find that special someone. Listen to everyone because you can get stuck in your old ways. But in terms of tapping into your creativity, nothing will top it. Mass Match launched it's 10th year by attending a Mass Match wedding on Sunday aka Irene-Day. It was me that had shut down to the idea of having anyone in my life to protect myself from being hurt again. Thank you Lanie." ~Rachel now in Holyoke, "Lanie, It was a pleasure to meet you, I enjoyed talking with you yesterday and was amazed at how you taught me about relationships in such a short period of time.

Bud and I were honored to attend a Mass Match wedding Sunday afternoon in Holyoke. Taking a leap of faith was the best gift I've ever given myself. I am impressed on how dedicated you are to your job and how much you have studied and researched on the relationship between men and women and other type of relationships as well." ~Larry Springfield, MA Thanks to all who voted!

To me, though, running a dating service isn't like selling a pair of shoes.

The concerns of clients are immediate and deeply personal, and I want to get right back to them. Competing with the big-box Internet sites, described by some as looking for a needle in a haystack. All other mistakes have been opportunities for tweaking and evolving and thinking outside the box.

No matter where I am or what Im doing, Ill send off an email if I feel its important. Being persistent and working hard at building relationships. And if someone is upset with you, not answering in kind. What others could learn from you: If you believe in what you are doing, do not give up.

Matchmakers cant really take a vacation away from email. If you run a small business you need to give the kind of personal service that you wont usually get with larger companies. It takes a lot of time to build up a business and people will feel the passion you bring to it. My husband, friends and family, media representatives and clients.

Irene ebbed, the sun shone and the bride and groom were radiant. Lanie Delphin offers her personal, private dating and matchmaking service as an affordable and secure alternative to Internet dating.

Today the same road we would have taken to the wedding was closed from flooding. Nor wind, nor rain..." keeps a matchmaker from a wedding! "We're not about building virtual relationships," she says. Thank you so much for getting us together and keep up the good work!

As my body was healing from years of pushing too hard, so were my emotions and soul life.

I was learning to become deeply comfortable with my own company and cultivate a more personally responsible sense of maturity.

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