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This team has total of 33 women divided into 2 groups keeping sharp eye on security luggage’s, males travelling in women compartments, catching people without tickets and such nuisance.Their will be special groups of RPF officers which will have 2 male, 2 female along with one Inspector.‘ is a team of about 60 such women constables along with RPF inspectors.

It acts as a immediate response tool and an legal evidence if required further.

A team of Railway Police & Women constable will reach to help you as fast as possible.

The only case where we do not publish a review is when the guide is no longer working with Tours By Locals." href="javascript: void(0)"about ratings Tour in Bombay, India:"We called at short notice to arrange a tour to give us a 3-4 hour overview of Bombay on a fleeting visit.

Ader was abso,..." [more] Juliette Leech - Nov, 2016 [view tour] Tour in Mumbai, India:"Very organised and timely. A great morning." Sally Wells - Aug, 2017 [view guide page] Tour in Mumbai, India:"Thanks Priya, Lenda and I enjoyed our day with you in Mumbai.

Unfortunately, many visitors leave Mumbai without touching the city's soul.

These fascinating Mumbai tours offer unique opportunities to really get to know the city.

Take a short boat-ride to visit the awe-inspiring structures on Elephanta Island.

Experience Mumbai's beautiful Hanging Gardens and Sanjay Ghandi National Park.

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