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It acts as a immediate response tool and an legal evidence if required further.

A team of Railway Police & Women constable will reach to help you as fast as possible.

Holi 2018 Getaways: Quiet, Offbeat Places to Escape the Festival of Colors 16 Stunning Pictures of Kangaroo Island in South Australia Will Make Your Day Sakura in Japan: These Cherry Blossoms Will Tempt You To Visit The Wonderful Island Nation Singapore Tourism: India Records The Highest Growth Rate in Visitor Arrivals for Singapore in 2017 Mumbai, previously known as Bombay is one of the most populous and biggest cities of Maharashtra.

Also the biggest metropolis of this state, Mumbai is also popular as the entertainment and financial capital.

This group will be divided in to multiple small groups doing all the same tasks to keep women traveller in local trains as secure and safe possible.

Strict action on illegal and unauthorized male vendors selling ladies products like cosmetics etc, beggars which makes an uncomfortable train journey.‘‘ is one more team squad working in 2 shifts on central & harbour routes with strength of more then 100 women RPF constables, keeping security checks in train’s ladies compartments and on platform around ladies coach areas.

Purpose of such team squad is the safe journey of women travellers major during late evenings and nights when coaches are comparatively empty.

Random security checks, assisting RPF constables and grabbing on those travelling without ticket (being ticket checker) is what the duty is.

Your guide will be happy to suggest excellent dining spots where you can enjoy the local cuisine, followed by an evening stroll along Juhu Beach.

Choose a Mumbai tour offered by Tours By Locals, and ask your personal guide about customizing your private tour to include exactly what you want How ratings work: After each tour is completed, Tours By invites the traveler to post a rating (1 to 5 stars, plus comment).

Women Helpline & Whatsapp Numbers played a key role to quick click and upload pictures of perverts, pickpockets and molesters.

Special women guards divided in 3 groups called ‘SURAKSHINI’, ‘TEJASVINI’ AND ‘MAHILA VAHINI’ Squads along with RPF (Railway Police Force) and GRP (Government Railway Police) keeps vigil watch on crime, Below are all the whatsapp numbers and dial to call helplines for women travelling in local trains of Mumbai..” ‘ a team of RPF man and women police patrol day and night at western railway local trains On platform, Inside local trains and other areas within railway premises.

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