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It is one of those Ukrainians honest, loyal and courageous. Henceforth I did’nt need something more than her I felt. I first proposed the fine to work with me as academic model because I needed to draw this young beauty, to paint and my friend was there, Boris, painter attentive and very good teacher.

She deserves our attention, she deserves our support, because she has worked tremendously for us, Western men looking for women that we do not find among us. During 5 months I have courted and finally the young graduate in history chose adventure to fellow me to Geneva and helped me to promote his country’s artists in the gallery I have done in the Old City of Geneva. After a meeting with youg women whose contact finally had proved inconclusive, Liuda was out of young women to propose me.

ET dire que je n' ai jamais supporté internet, et j' avais toujours regardé aux pays et aux gens de l' est avec beaucoup de suspect.Ce que je souhaite c'est qu'un jour; elle saura comprendre que l'amour n'a pas d'âge, et qu'elle saura apprécier à sajuste valeur la bonté que j'ai au fond de moi.On dit que le temps remet tout à saplace, et c'est ce que j'espére. The Ukrainian people must stay the course of Independence, of Unit and select independent, honest and courageous patriots for the general interest of the people.Je n' ai pas eu beaucoup de temps pour moi-meme.C' est à cause de cela que je me suis rendu compte d' etre seul, à 50 ans, et de ne pas avoir une famille.She gaved enormously fort the women, the young Ukrainian women,that she liked and has sought successfully to marry our men our country supposedly the richiest. I‘m going back to Kiev to meet my matchmaker, once again. His country, 15 years of independence, Ukraine is a young democracy torn between two blocks, the Western bloc Europe and US and the Eastern bloc the new Russian which she was the cradle. I was so demanding that none of these did not suit me.Peter Ukraine is a country of 60 million of inhabitants with a fabulous humain social economic potential. The bird has flown but I have never regretted this dynamic and exhilarating years with Natasha, the young woman loved I had met by Liuda, Liuda the matchmaker. with the Kiev Russ 10 century, two centuries before the founding of Moscow. Liuda but never abandone the party She always has a new trick to play.Mi hai presentato delle persone con un animo pulito, intuendo che tipo di persona cerco.Ho visto la raccolta di decine e decine di nuove coppie che Tu hai contribuito a esistere, e credo che questo sia il Tuo lavoro, poiche' capisci le persone, e che tu lo faccia con passione. Comme convenu, je vais essayer de te donner mes réflexions sur ton pays, à savoir l' UKRAINE.The women that I met were so understanding, conservative and were interested in starting a family. I am so grateful to Luda in her help in finding the woman of my dreams. I will recommend myfriends to come to this web site.So if you are tired of all the fuss and bother of American women please come to Ukraine and find your lovely wife. That is great to follow this and my friend were in kiev last week, we used ludas services trying to find the right girl we came to restaurant we were there all evening it came in girl after girl all incredibly beautiful and nice personality all girls were super nice almost miserable sort out, the evening was the best me and my friend have experienced full laughs nice mood all the time nice girls nice service from luda and the restaurant will never forget and we'll be back to luda so this will be La vie à Nairobi n' est pas , et j' ai du fatiguer beaucoup dans ma vie pour creer mon entreprise, en partant de zero.

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