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You will also find a buffet area and a kino (small movie theater) for more options of where to relax.

They all are unique in their own way and we will try to talk about what is different about this one here.

We will cover the entry fee, price for sex, girls that work there, and the saunaclub itself.

Romanians would be the most well represented country, but you can find some from all around the region.

You may see a Latina or black girl also but that is no guarantee.

Things are pretty similar to other FKK’s when you go inside you will get a key for the lockers and then you can use the sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, pool, a Turkish bath and take a shower.

There is a large open lounge on the main floor called the living room where most of the girls will hang out.

If you are not aware of what a German FKK is like check out this link.

It will break down what these saunaclubs are like in general so that you are familiar before we get into the specifics of FKK Living Room.

Don’t forget that there are more girls in Germany using Adult Friend Finder than from just about any other country in the world.

They find the site the same way you do, when surfing for porn or sex. You never know how things will go and your mileage may vary greatly.

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