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He was an Elder at First Reformed Church of Oak Harbor.

During their retirement years, John and Gloria traveled throughout the country, visiting family and friends.

John loved music (especially the hymns of Christian faith), writing, gardening, traveling, crossword puzzles, woodworking, and old cars. In 1998, he wrote an extensive history of the Mouw family dating back to his ancestor’s arrival in southwest Minnesota in the late 1800’s.

As you get older, you learn who you are, and you didn’t even know that you had this type of personality — which is an ability to expose yourself, or be vulnerable, or not look attractive, or whatever it is you’re doing on any given day — that is somehow special to people.

Sarah caused me to see that I’m a lot less judgmental than I thought I was.

I mean, I know I do — not to any extent that she does, but it helps me accept parts of myself.

I think Sarah has a lot more self-esteem than I do, in that regard.

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