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that all lanes of northbound I-275 were closed where they split off from I-75, Exit 20. South Rockwood and Newport fire departments also Michigan Department of Transportation has issued a traffic alert that all lanes of northbound I-275 are closed at I-75, Exit 20. today, according to MDOT, and the highway remains closed at 6 a.m. Davis crossed into OH while being pursued by police in southeastern MI. The search came to a violent end on Monday afternoon in the area of Interstate 75 and Interstate 280 in Ohio.Additional infor The crossing connects directly to Interstate 75 and to Michigan Route 28, which runs south of Lake Superior into Wisconsin and Minnesota. According to a polic Early Monday afternoon, dozens of officers from police departments in Ohio and MI chased the suspect's auto from Detroit ...Sunday June 2nd: A very special day, named ‘Phalarope Sunday.’ In addition to the three young Ospreys being fed almost hourly on roach provided by 5R, two diminutive (and rare!

Three Ospreys are still here ~ both parents and the strident 3J, whose demanding calls reverberate around the Bay throughout the day. Sunday March 24th: A heavy snowfall means that the road down to the Centre is blocked, and so there will be no shift today.

The female Osprey sits in the bay alone, a scene more reminiscent of Arctic wilderness rather than springtime in Central England!

There is no volunteer for the late shift today, so Michelle comes herself to relieve us. People come in and watch the female on the nest and 5R on guard nearby. A look at our i-pad confirms this ~ and in double quick time Chick No.2 is revealed to the world!

Common Terns are back and Willow Warblers are singing. Occasionally they change over, and she has a fly around, but is always anxious to get back. We think these are the first English-hatched Ospreys of 2013, and loads of people from all over the country are here to witness their arrival. Sunday May 26th: Chicks (there are three now) are one week old and thriving.

Visitors include couple who do bird-ringing in Malta ~ not without its dangers, as we learn.

Sunday April 14th: There are two eggs in the Manton Bay nest!Sunday March 31st: Still piles of snow everywhere and a biting wind, but at least we are open and up and running. 5R is back in the Bay, bringing the total of returning Rutland Ospreys to seven so far. Manton Bay pair getting down to serious business, to the delight of well over 200 visitors today.180 visitors today to see the Manton Bay pair ~ folk from Lancashire, London, and even Australia and New Zealand! An Avocet flies around the Bay, but few other signs of spring. Mugs of hot, steaming Lyndon tea at the end of the afternoon. Winter birds still present include Goosander and Goldeneye.Michigan Snow Cams directory gives you a current, live look at snow and weather conditions from around the state of Michigan.Whether you are a snowmobiler, skier, snow shoer or just a winter enthusiast, be sure to check the snow cams list before making your travel plans.Additional details will be posted when they are a...will be imposed and enforced on all state trunkline highways from the Michigan / Indiana and Michigan / Ohio state lines north to and including US-2 from the intersection of M-95 in Dickinson County east to I-75 in St. State routes typica I75 south at underpass Riverview Dr is 4 lanes going down to 2 lane's and are at a crawl right now. Ju St saw several National Guard trucks parked on the roadside.Between 1.4 million and 1.5 million travelers are expected to cross the bridge this year. It's raining in Michigan - literally at times raining concrete ... A bill introduced to rename part of I-75 in Troy after a fallen police officer passed late last week. The search came to a violent end on Monday afternoon in the area of Interstate 75 and Interstate 280 in Ohio.patchwork along the hardest-hit stretches in Metro Detroit, including parts of Interstate 696 in Macomb County and southbound I-75 in Oakland County. The section of highway near the Rochester Road exit will be known as the Officer Martin 'Marty' Chivas Memorial Highway. It's raining in Michigan - literally at times raining concrete,'? including parts of Interstate 696 in Macomb County and southbound I-75 in Oakland County. DETROIT - All lanes of northbound I-75 at Schaefer Road in Detroit were closed Thursday night due to a semi truck crash. Traffic was getting past the crash on the left shoulder, the Michigan Department of Transpor A crash reported about a.m.Sadly now the final shift of the season has arrived. Father keeps his distance, but rises every hour or so to look for a fish. We prepare to relay the message around the world….hold on…..they’re back! And then 5R will keep lonely vigil for a while before he too leaves us.The nest has a bedraggled appearance, with parts of it already falling away into the water below. At 12.20, Mother and daughter rise in heady spirals and drift off South. I take the time to take a retrospective glance through the pages of my note-book, which I started on Thursday March 21st with the words: ‘The Manton Bay female has returned.’ Slowly in my mind I re-live the Manton Bay season just ending……

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