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In fact, rarely has a politician used her gifts as a hostess more assiduously.

A dinner for female Liberal MPs last spring at her swank Ottawa condo apparently launched her charm offensive.

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She has grown close to MPs Ruby Dhalla and Judy Sgro. Most women don't like other good-looking younger women who are rich." Which is why an adultery scandal, in which Stronach is painted as a cold-hearted homewrecker, comes at a particularly inconvenient time.Belinda Stronach has slid while former boyfriend Peter Mac Kay has soared.Their failures and successes speak to the shifts in political mood.On Tuesday morning -- less than an hour before a scheduled court date -- the Domis reached an interim settlement that should keep both sides happy until a judge sorts out the final details of their divorce.For Stronach, however, the damage has been done and the question remains, how will this affect the political career of one of Ottawa's true female powerbrokers?Less than two years ago, Peter Mac Kay's good standing within his party hovered at a low point.He had developed a reputation as an unprincipled political operator.Suddenly, Stronach was just another passenger on a sinking ship. He was appointed foreign affairs minister at a moment when Canada's mission in Afghanistan was poised to become the dominant worry of the day, and questions about Ottawa's relationship with Washington on security would demand constant tending. No longer a cabinet minister, Stronach, who is now 40, found herself a newcomer in suspicious Liberal ranks, languishing on the opposition benches in a thoroughly demoralized party. But the successes and failures of these two people speak to the shifts in the Canadian political mood -- and the question of whether Mac Kay continues to prosper or, more immediately, whether Stronach can recover, will reveal a lot about how this country deals with political notoriety, particularly when it's embodied in the form of a woman.And just when she was beginning to earn recognition within the party for her work as chair of the Liberal women's caucus, Stronach made headlines last week as the "other woman" in a scathing divorce application filed by the wife of newly retired NHL player Tie Domi. Stronach and Mac Kay's soap-operatic split guarantees that their political fortunes will forever be wound together in "Who came out on top? Stronach's slide began almost as soon as she crossed the floor.Identified as the single greatest cause for the marital collapse is an alleged affair Domi, 36, has been having with Stronach since the summer of 2005.The allegations, none of which have been proven, read something like this: Stronach "insinuated herself" into the couple's life when they ran into each other at a Formula One race in Montreal.

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