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Leanne Domi says she was threatened by her husband to keep Stronach's name out of the divorce proceedings.

Finally, his wife claims, Domi skipped out on their 11-year-old son's hockey tournament because of an "important charity commitment," when in fact he'd been lunching with Stronach, her 14-year-old son, and Brad Pitt, in town for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Later that night, the alleged lovers enjoyed a "glamorous evening at the Carlu," where their "budding romance" was captured on CTV news.

"The children were sad and traumatized," Leanne Domi says.

She now believes that Domi disconnected the family's home security camera so that he and Stronach could engage in poolside "trysts" while Leanne Domi and the children were out of town.

Identified as the single greatest cause for the marital collapse is an alleged affair Domi, 36, has been having with Stronach since the summer of 2005.

The allegations, none of which have been proven, read something like this: Stronach "insinuated herself" into the couple's life when they ran into each other at a Formula One race in Montreal.

But one place the Liberals did need help was in luring back women swing voters from the NDP and the Bloc Québécois.

By some accounts, Stronach has been remarkably successful in forging new bonds with this vital demographic.

Belinda Stronach has slid while former boyfriend Peter Mac Kay has soared.

Their failures and successes speak to the shifts in political mood.

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