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In 1865, he came to Pepin Co., Wis., where he bought land and lived for the last 40 years of his life. Vt.; Peter, 17, apprenticed carpenter, attended school within year, b. Wis.; Kelley, Florence, mother-in-law, 63, illiterate, b. (AGLL Microfilm Series V226-17): Joseph De Marce, 3 white males, 3 white females, 5 born U.

From Joseph Demarce and Eliza Demarce his wife to Florence Kelley. She had--and my grandfather just continued staying on the farm--but then after my grandmother died, he started building buildings, houses and barns.

E 1/2 of SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 and the E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section No. I was young when she died, I don't think I was much more than four or five years old. 9 July 1855/1853, Isle la Motte, Grand Isle Co., Vt.--d.

To find the parents, back up until you find that number minus the final digit; to find the grandparents, back up until you find that number minus the last two digits, etc. The photographs included in the book illustrations are not included in the index, as they were not assigned page numbers. January 13 1829, after the publication of three banns of marriage at the parochial masses, both in this parish and at Ste Marguerite de Blairfindie as it appears from the certificate of Mr. It will be seen that the 1861 census also refers to Joseph De Marce as "Gedeon." In this same census, Elizabeth Nadeau, the mother of Elisabeth Morais, age 66, was a widow and living with her son Jean-Baptiste Morais and his wife Catherine Frechette. 29 June 1848; baptized 9 July 1848, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Le Parain a ete Jean Bte Murray et la marraine Catherine Frechet qui n'ont su signer. Demarce, Joseph, from State of Wisconsin, 12 November 1874.

There is a list of the illustrations following the Table of Contents. Pasquin, pastor of the said parish, for three consecutive Sundays, between Leon Demers, domiciled in this parish, major son of Pierre Demers, farmer, and of Brigitte Guertin, his father and mother of St. Jean-Baptiste and Catherine had 8 children living at that time. Godparents Jean-Baptiste Laferriere and Louise Plante--d. August 27 1804 I the undersigned pastor have baptized Leon, born two days ago of the legitimate marriage of Leon Demers cabinetmaker and of Isabelle Maurray of the parish of St-Athanase. 1, for the reports on this visit that led to the tracing of his ancestry.

Baptismal records, St-Jean-d'Iberville, Quebec, Canada Index 1828-1876, LDS Microfilm 1,290,044 Registres 1828-1841, LDS Microfilm 1,290,044 Registres 1841-1861, LDS Microfilm 1,290,045 Baptismal and marriage records, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Quebec, Canada 1851 census, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Quebec, Canada 1861 census, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Quebec, Canada Marriage records, Church of the Immaculate Conception (St. F Isabelle Morais 26 " F Pierre Morais Cultivateur 20 " M Celina Morais 18 " F Magloire Morais 16 " M Onesime Morais 14 " F Edesse Morais 12 " F Catherine Morais 11 " F Etienne Morais 8 " M Jean Bte Morais 6 " M Leon Demers Cultivateur 55 " M Elisabeth Morais 55 " F Salyme Demers 20 " M Antoine Morais 99 " M Joseph Morais 19 " M Philomene Demers l9 " F Onesime Demers l7 " F Euphemie Demers 16 " F Theophile Demers 11 " M Marie Plante 6 " F Again, it will be noted there are some discrepancies. Joseph De Marce is again called Gedeon, and his children are listed as having been born in Canada rather than in Vermont. Le Parain a ete Jean Bte Murray et la marraine Catherine Frechet qui n'ont su signer. The baptismal records at St-Luc listed the older children of this couple as Flavie Demers, born 13 July 1829; Anasthasie Demers, born 2 October 1831; Perpetue Demers, b. The death certificate for Salem Demers named his father as Leon Demerse. 16 February 1843 (twin); baptized 16 February 1843, St-Athanased'Iberville. The death record at Bedford gives the French-Canadian version of Joseph De Marce's name as "Joseph-Leon Demers": Extrait du Registre des Actes de Baptemes, Mariages et Sepultures, faits dans la Paroisse de Saint-Damien de Bedford, comte de Missisquoi, P. The third of November 1804, I, the undersigned priest in charge, have celebrated a Libera over the body of Joseph-Leon Demers, deceased the first of the current month, aged 66 years, spouse of the late Lisy Kiley, whose burial has taken place at Arkansas, Pipin County, Wisconsin. According to his obituary in , Durand, Wis., 3 November 1904 and 10 November 1904, he lived with his parents until age 17, when he went to St. The most probable explanation is that the first marriage was a civil ceremony (there were no permanent Catholic churches on the Lake Champlain islands at the time--only occasional missionary priests travelling through) and the second was an ecclesiastical ratification according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church.

A LISTING OF THE CHILDREN OF LEON AND ELISABETH (MORAIS) DEMERS FOLLOWS: The list of children for Leon Demers and his wife Marie-Elisabeth/Isabelle Morais is taken from the baptismal records of St-Athanase-d'Iberville and St- Jean-d'Iberville, and the 18 census records of St-Athanase-d'Iberville. The 27 August 1804, we the undersigned priest have baptized Leon, born two days ago of the legitimate marriage of Leon Demers, mason, and of Isabelle Maurray of the parish of St-Athanase. The dates suited the birth of Salime Demers, son of Leon Demers and Elisabeth Morais found in the 1851 census of the Parish of St-Athanase- d'Iberville, Rouville Co., Quebec. 16 February 1843 (twin); baptized 16 February 1843, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Present at the Libera, the undersigned and others., 27 November 1903, p. Albans [probably Vermont] to learn the carpenter's trade. Neither ceremony was filed in the records of the Vermont Secretary of State's Office in Montpelier. Joseph X Demarce [his mark], has to be Simon/Seymour], 9, b. Those who lived for a time were Joseph Henry Florence - - - died at an early age Peter, lived in Saskatchewan Canada for many years Seymour Joseph born Feb. She came west some twenty years ago settling in the town of Waterville. Lived with his parents until the age of 17 he went to St Albans to learn the carpenter trade three years later moved to North Island then was married to Eliza Kelly Aug. The data for each child is supplemented by other records, if any have been located. 7 November 1852, St-Dominique, Joseph Plante, son of Joseph and Marie (Casavant) Plante. The godfather was Jean Baptiste Murray and the godmother Catherine Frechet, who did not know how to sign. His wife was Eliza [or Elizabeth] Kelley, daughter of John and Florence (Pepin) Kelley, b. Methodical registration of civil marriage ceremonies did not begin in North Hero until 1857. 1.1 Anastasie Demers, born 25 September 1830; baptized 28 September 1830, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. The documents printed in the section on Joseph and Eliza (Kelley) De Marce of Pepin Co., Wisconsin, should be read to see the evidence indicating that the child LEON DEMERS baptized in 1834 was the same as JOSEPH De MARCE who came to Pepin County, Wisconsin. 21 April 1839; baptized 21 April 1839, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. 27 February 1843, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, age 4 years. There are some earlier records, but they are not comprehensive. He and his wife Eliza (Kelly) De Marce were the parents of 9 children one dying in infancy. Deceased whose name was Eliza Kelly was a native of the State of Vermont. By the Commissioners of School and University Lands. Joseph De Marce Sr, husband of Eliza Kelly went to visit his relatives in Quebec in Jan. He died there but was brought here for Burial in the French Catholic Cemetery on Dead Lake Prairie. Joe Demarce one of the pioneers of Waterville passed to her reward on Sunday last aged 67 years. 1.4 Aglae Demers, born 5 January 1837; baptized 6 January 1837, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. 1.6 Joseph Solyme Demers, born 29 April 1841; baptized , St-Athanase-d'Iberville. As Salem De Mers, died 6 August 1911, Jefferson, Union Co., S. In 1861, Joseph De Marce and his family went back to St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Quebec, supposedly to escape the draft for the Civil War. Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co., Wis.: Joseph Demarce, b. Godparents Toussaint Poutre and Marie-Anne Joubert. The 1861 census for the parish of St-Athanase lists his name as "Gedeon" Demers. Vermont; Seymour, 19, farm laborer, can read and write, attended school within years, b. 1895 Wisconsin State Census, Town of Waterville, Pepin Co. General Sources of Information: No effort has been made to footnote every individual statement in this chapter. Joseph de Chambly, on the one part, and Elisabeth Morais, also domiciled in this parish, major daughter of Jean-Baptiste Morais, cultivator, and to Elisabeth Nadeau, of the other part, no impediment having been discovered to the said marriage, I, undersigned, pastor of this parish have received their mutual consent to marriage and have given them the nuptial benediction in presence of Jean-Baptiste Morais, father of the bride, of Joseph Nadeau, of Pierre Frechette, of Louis Morais, who like the spouses do not know how to sign. The name Morais receives many variant spellings in the Canadian records, including: Morais, More, Moret, Morray, Mauray, Murray, Maurray, Maurais. 3 June 1832; baptized 3 June 1832, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. 25 August 1834, baptized at St-Jean-d'Iberville, Quebec, Canada. It was the records of this man's life which enabled the tracing of the ancestry of the De Marce family of Pepin Co., Wis. 3 June 1846; baptized 7 June 1846, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. The godfather was Jean Bte Murray and the godmother Catherine Frechet who did not know how to sign. Both he and his wife are buried in the French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie, Waterville Twp., Pepin Co., Wis. Much of the information on current generations was provided by family members, whose contributions are acknowledged. The standard modern vital statistics are readily available. Vital Records, North Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt., Vol. Death records, St-Damien-de-Bedford, Quebec, Canada 1870 U. The entire family grouping appears as follows on the 1861 census, Iberville Co., Quebec, St. It will be noted that Elisabeth Nadeau is now caring for all the orphaned children of Jean-Baptiste Morais and Catherine Frechette (her grandchildren): again, the age given is as of Name Occupation Age Birthplace Sex Elisabeth Nadeau 75 Bas-Can. However, with the Demers twins Joseph and Philomene, Joseph is accidentally called Morais his name following that of his great-uncle Antoine, who was apparently living with the family. Godparents Jean-Baptiste Morais and Celeste Derome. The entry reads: Le vingt sept Aout mil huit cent quatre, nous cure soussigne avons baptise Leon, ne depuis deux jours du legitime mariage de Leon Demers menuisier et d'Isabelle Maurray de la paroisse de st-Athanase. The local news column from the Durand, Wis., newspaper ( Two men of appropriate age to be Joseph's brother were located in the 1900 U. census of South Dakota: they were Amedee Demers in Lawrence Co. Amedee, according to his death certificate, was born in Ste-Brigitte-d'Iberville, son of Luc Demers and Pelagie Audet, who were married 25 November 1828 at St-Luc, near Lacadie. The birth dates of Perpetue and Celeste made it improbable that the couple had a son born in the summer of either 1834 or 1835, while no birth of a son Solime was listed for them. 31 December 1844; baptized 4 January 1845, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Joseph De Marce died 1 November 1904, while visiting a sister at Bedford, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada. "Le trois novembre mil neuf cent quatre, nous, pretre-cure soussigne, avons celebre un Libera sur le corps de Joseph-Leon Demers, decede le premier courant, age de soixante-dix ans, epoux de defunte Lisy Killey, dont l'inhumation a eu lieu a Arkansas, Pipin County, Wisconsin. Alphonse Bastien Napoleon Pratte Extract of the Register of Performances of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, made in the Parish of Saint-Damien de Bedford, county of Missisquoi, Province of Quebec, in the year 1904. Joseph De Marce of Pepin Co., Wis., was a carpenter and farmer. According to the obituary, Joseph De Marce and Elizabeth Kelley were married 27 August 1854 at North Hero, Vt. The marriage record was found on 24 February 1856 at the Church of the Immaculate Conception (St. Albans, Vt., as Leon Demers to Eliza Kelley: The witnesses were Mioses Bouchet and Mary Jane Bouchet.

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