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Since that time, I have been to two nudist resorts in CA. The people there were very friendly and made me feel welcome there.It was very relaxing and fun to spend the day nude swimming, eating, sunning, meeting new people etc.I live in the Boston area and welcome anyone interested to reply Would like to become acquainted with others in this area who share same interest (male/female... I had heard that he was a nudist, so I stopped in at his house to meet him.

(May 2006)I love the spontaneity of it and the lack of artifice (I wish I could still do shoots like this) - It was just a place I loved with a person I had great respect for and we just shot what was there.

have been going to nude beaches and nudist resorts for a long time....sadly the people I interact with would laugh if I asked them to join me....their loss... Just would like to get acquainted with other(s) who would like to explore some of the local places where it's relatively safe to be nude...

Then in the lake late at night Then moved in to the country on forty acers and had a pond put in as well. So then I could skinny dip anytime I wanted to at home. I love to be nude and I am finding more ways to do it but it isn't enough yet.

Wife knows I want to be naked and although I can't say she supports it, she does allow it. I love nakedness, especially outdoors, enjoying the warm sun on my naked body.

One day on a run by myself I ran near there and decide to run to the nude beach. At this point I was curious as to what it was like to be nude on the beach, why these people did it. San Onfre is nice, its more secluded than blacks with less gawkers. I went to UCSB in Santa Barbra and saw signs for models wanted for art class. My mom noticed the check from the art school and asked me about it in front of the family.

I ran to a sort of isolated part of the beach (only a few people around me and were not that close.) I took off my shoes, socks, and t shirt. I then was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to my self I want to get nude and see what it feels like. I went to college in Santa Barbra and I discovered More Mesa. I told her the truth, they all just laughed and gave me a hard time about it but were not offended or mad or anything so it was cool.

Families gather from all across the city to celebrate the traditional "Festa Infamil", or otherwise known as the Nudist Family Party that takes place on regular basis in this predominately nudist town. Let me start of by giving you a little info about myself. I don't know exactly why but I thought I would be more comfortable if I took off my underwear, so I did.

I'm 26 years old and currently living in Aventura, Florida. Besides nudism I also enjoy playing pool, listening to all kinds of music (except country and gangsta rap), working with computers, and talking about cars. It felt weird at first, for a while I was self conscience of my body. It felt so nice to swim without an suit I loved that experience and wanted to do it again.

Would be nice to find someone in my neighborhood who would like to get together and enjoy the same things.

I have been a naturist/nudist for a long time and have yet to find true nudist local friends that understand the concept that naturism/nudism does not mean hook ups, sex, or anything else.

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