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Nothing in her home life, with two supportive parents who run a shop and a younger brother, seems to shed any real light on her waywardness.

But, somehow, hearing it from women who have devoted their lives to God had an impact that no amount of parental support, or pleading, was able to achieve.‘The nuns helped me to realise that we’re all different and special and that I’m good enough just as I am.

I left the convent feeling like a weight had been lifted off me.’Being in the confines of a convent has, it seems, also spurred Paige on to fulfil her ambition of seeing the world.

It is Rebecca, most resistant at the start and utterly terrified of the crucifix in her room, who, the nuns are proud to acknowledge, has the biggest epiphany as the series unfolds.

‘I feel 100 per cent happier and am really grateful for my time in the convent,’ she says, speaking several months after filming ended.

They are also instructed to join the nuns for prayers in the chapel each morning at what they consider the ungodly hour of 7.15am — a time of day when some of them are more likely to be found stumbling home from a night out, or doing ‘the walk of shame’ after a one-night stand, than giving praise for a new day.

Hours in between getting up and going to bed are devoted to yet more praying, cooking and cleaning the convent.

From the moment the women arrive on the convent’s doorstep, wearing thigh-high boots and mini-skirts and swearing like dockers, it’s evident the nuns will have to draw on their oft-rehearsed virtues of patience and tolerance.‘They are dressed very provocatively and I think it’s wrong,’ remarks Sister Francis, deputy head nun who has been at the convent for 47 years.

‘Promiscuity now seems to be the norm, rather than a relationship of love and trust.’Singling out Rebecca Cheng, 19, a nightclub podium dancer from Newcastle who admits her life is a merry-go-round of one-night stands, Sister Francis is taken aback by her skirt which sits, ‘ten inches above her knee’.

A more serene environment than the Daughters of Divine Charity Convent, tucked away in rural Norfolk, would be difficult to imagine.

So cut off are the resident nuns from the ills of our modern world that the last time some of them lived among us, flared trousers and tank tops were in fashion and The Beatles topped the pop charts.

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