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Though the practice of this law varies in different countries, in Iran, all women are required to wear the hijab.This law has been strictly implemented throughout the history of Iran.

And it’s incorrect that those chess players who refuse to travel to Iran and wear the hijab simply lose the right to play for the World Championship for nothing. We talked about it, but for her becoming World Champion is a lifelong dream. 1 Carolina Lujan also turned down the chance to play in very similar terms, while American players faced the problem of travel to Iran also being discouraged by their government, even before Donald Trump’s attempted “Muslim ban” muddied the waters still further.

Irina Krush dropped out, as did US Women’s Champion Nazi Paikidze, whose protest gained wide coverage in the mass media and saw almost 17,000 sign a protest to “Stop Women’s Oppression at the World Chess Championship by Challenging FIDE’s Decision”.

In return, I can also help you with Persian(Farsi) as a native speaker.

I'd like to get better at speaking and really understand more about English culture. hi, my native language is persian(iranian accent) and I want to talk to someone whose native language is english(preferably american or canadian accent and on voice) and so that we could exchange our languages as well. I am likely to improve my English Skills by communicating with natives and my favorite topics are about books, everyday news and so on.

A Dutch photographer, Marinka Masseus, captures this act of defiance in her photo project dubbed “My Stealthy Freedom” that aims to empower and encourage women to bravely fight for more freedom.

I have two children who are learning english language in their class. nowadays I ve interested in French language and history.Often, what limits us most are not moral laws, but the cultural, political, and religious laws imposed on us by our society.Take for example the law that requires Muslim women from all walks of life to wear hijab or head covering in public.The Women’s World Championship was originally supposed to take place in late 2016, but with no bidders a decision was taken at the 2016 Olympiad in Baku to hold the event in Tehran in 2017.On the one hand that was normal, since chess has been experiencing a boom in Iran, but for a women’s event it also meant a number of issues.One person whose decision didn’t depend on the reflections above, however, was current World Champion Hou Yifan.The Chinese player has long complained about the “lottery” of the knockout system and campaigned to instead implement the same system as in men’s chess where the World Champion competes only in the final match.There are five rounds with 2-game mini-matches followed by a 4-game final, with tiebreaks on the following day if required i.e.There is only one full rest day on 26th February, before the final, though if players win their matches without the need for tiebreaks they’ll have a day to rest between rounds.Iranian WGM Mitra Hejazipour, however, was among those who defended holding the event in Tehran: This is going to be the biggest sporting event women in Iran have ever seen; we haven’t been able to host any world championship in other sporting fields for women in the past. These games are important for women in Iran; it’s an opportunity for us to show our strength.Sopiko will be hoping to improve on her warm-up in Wijk aan Zee!

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