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This past Wednesday WWE made history with the first ever Woman’s main event of one of their special events.

The NXT Woman’s Championship was put on the line in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match.

Raw was only two hours back then and Smackdown was relatively new.

Lita debuted as the manager of Essa Rios and Trish Stratus debuted as the manager of Test and Albert (T&A.) Lita would quickly end up teaming with The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) forming the alliance known as Team Xtreme. In this early feud Trish ended up having her first match in the WWE in a six-person Inter-gender tag team match.

Trish pinned Lita for her first victory in the WWE.

Trish said on a number of occasions that if they were given something like three minutes that it would be the best three minutes of the show.

That would mean that the next time they would get more time to prove once again.

They all wanted to prove just like the episode title of this show that they were more than just a pretty face.

They had a hard time because they still had to have matches that were pretty degrading.It launched on the WWE Network the night before NXT Take Over: Respect.This episode featured the story of Trish Stratus and Lita.The two biggest women in that regard were Sunny and Sable.There were still great wrestling involving women like Ivory and Jackie but it was mostly about “T&A” and not talking about Test and Albert or Total Nonstop Action.Women were given way more television time during this era but it wasn’t always about the wrestling.At that time women were mostly used as managers and used because of things other than wrestling talent.This main event match pitted the champion Bayley defending against the former champion Sasha Banks.It was an incredible match and both of these women are incredible talent.The divas at that time were produced by former WCW wrestler Dave Finlay.Trish and Lita were joined into a great division with holdouts from the Attitude Era and newer talents that would come after they debuted.

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