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Liquidating business promotion

Whatever your business needs, PFP can provide prompt specialized assistance, immediate financial relief and, most importantly, remarkable results!

As a strategic partner, we will invest the necessary resources that will help you achieve your objectives.

He also participates on the Board of Directors for numerous charitable organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hebrew Home and Hospital, Hartford Jewish Federation and Chabad House.

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An effective technique in digital content marketing is “self-liquidating premiums”—having the value of premiums exceed the entire purchase price of your product.

This theory takes self-liquidating premiums to the next level – not just closing the sale, but driving more sales and prompting more people to pay the highest price for multiple products.

Consider this example with three options: Now, $34.97 contrasted with $19.97 seems pricey, doesn’t it? According to one of our clients who tested this, roughly 55% were for the highest-priced bundled offer.

For example, let’s assume you have a product, perhaps a downloadable book with a list price of $49.97.

You’re selling it online at a discounted purchase price of .97.This fully integrated system allows us to reach our audience on a global basis, in real time.""Adoption of the Mequoda Method has produced three benefits for us.First, we are seeing sustained growth in subscription revenue.And as I said, our testing of this price strategy shows that not only will more people choose the highest price, it also generates more sales at a rate of 1.3 to 1.Here’s a model using our base case and decoy pricing assumptions that you can use to check out the possibilities for your own products: The value of self-liquidating premiums and contrast pricing should be clear to you. If you get some intriguing results we should know about, let us know in the comments!ad, content, content marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, content marketing strategy, contrast pricing, decoy pricing, digital content, digital content marketing, digital magazine, freemium, magazine, mequoda, self liquidating premiums, text ad."We have used the Mequoda Method to create a 21st century magazine experience that includes print, online and tablet editions.With a background in the automobile industry and real estate development, and as a graduate of Wharton School of Business, Paul partnered with Gene Rosenberg in 1962.Managing corporate finance and developing operational systems and controls, he has successfully steered the course for over 40 years.Unsurprisingly, this has allowed us to dramatically increase profitability and our ability to fund our mission-driven programs.""Mequoda’s knowledge of the fundamental practices and technologies at the core of the media business is unsurpassed by any other group of consultants I know.If you’re in the media industry, Mequoda would be a valuable ally."“The team I worked with at Interweave successfully transitioned a leading print enthusiast media business into the digital age.

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