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The real estate mogul appeared on Lohan's account two weeks earlier when the actress shared a selfie with Tarabasov leaning into her shoulder.

Free from her past legal constraints and in the midst of a burgeoning relationship with a Russian hunk, it seems life can't get much better for Lohan, who also is slated to appear in a full-length feature film after years off the silver screen. Will be sending a sneak peak of my character this week #theshadowwithin," the actress wrote of her latest project while sporting a bright lip and seemingly damp hair in a selfie shared in November.

Nearly 14 years since the original's release (we know, cray!

Wendy Williams didn’t stop there, upon commenting on a ring located on Lohan’s left ring finger, she asked who is holding her down in Dubai, and Lindsay promptly responded how it was a ring for her, from her is known for asking the hard-hitting questions not everyone will, so it is without a doubt that Wendy took some time from the exclusive interview to draw back on Lindsay Lohan’s past.

From DUI’s, arrests and being mauled by the paparazzi, the actress mentioned how she has moved on from her stormy past, and how turning 30 has brought the best change in how she approaches her life.

That's how it started so I think that's how it was meant to be." As for today, Lohan is not dating anyone. "It is frustrating to me when people always say those partying days and stuff," Lohan told Williams. Just because I was seen out at clubs, made some mistakes, they didn't take the best shots of me.

She also told Williams that she is designing an island at Dubai's World Islands.Whenever that time may come, we’re rooting for Lindsay, and wish her nothing but the best. "I feel like there's a lot of love I have to give to children that don't have anyone and that have lost their parents and don't have a lot of love and hope in their life," the former Disney star said. “Don’t have sex because you will get pregnant and die.” 6. Lohan even fought with director Mark Waters to play Rachel Mc Adams’ part. “That is the ugliest effing skirt I have ever seen.” 5. “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen, it’s not going to happen.” Interestingly enough, Lohan auditioned for the part of Regina George before everyone realized she would make a better Cady Heron.), the star is giving us Cady Heron flashbacks — and a number of other characters — as she re-enacts eight of her favorite lines from the classic film for W Magazine!Related: It Is Possible She's Just Trying To Prove Her Lack Of 'European Accent'… Which one does she think Tina Fey needs to rewrite?? This turning point is a huge factor that allowed the star to realize the importance of helping those less fortunate, including her devotion and hard work with refugee organizations.The Hollywood star also admitted that although she’s in a happy place right now, focusing on doing what’s important to her, she does intend on starting a family of her own one-day when the time is right. She told Williams she plans to go back to Turkey to help child refugees. I don't like to bring up and rehash the past." She said these misconceptions take attention away from her other goals, like making a second with Rupert Grint that airs this year.

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