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It's a very emotional, personal take on the whole Mandela and South Africa story rather than a factual Wikipedia page of his history.

The answer to that might be a "YES" as he is reported to be dating marketing manager Tara Derakshan.

The two were first seen kissing one another in London back in early 2016, and that is when the news broke that the two are dating one another.

' Sometimes you see actors who are really good, but you have trouble separating that actor from the celebrity profile.' Well, that is fair enough as people are always entitled to keep their private life to themselves.

The relationship between Sarah and Aidan did not lead to further fruition and those who were hoping for them to get married and share a husband-wife relationship were left disappointed. Is he currently dating anyone after he split with Sarah?

The episode has been directed by Jodie Foster, who has promised that we are in for an "emotional roller coaster".

Aside from the Oscar-winning star, the likes of Jesse Plemons and Maxine Peake will also be appearing across the episodes.

The two dated for around five years and were adored by many and the two shared great chemistry with one another.

But like we all know, a relationship is always tested, and so their relationship was also put to the sword, and the inability to come out of that testing phase unscathed led them to call it days for their relationship back in 2015.

The country's troubled past means that the world will be watching to see how far the country has come since the end of apartheid in 1994.

The man responsible for peace in South Africa is Nelson Mandela.

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