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They were playing Casady in Norman one time when Rentzal was in the batter's circle, on deck. The place didn't hold a lot of people but it was packed.

Afterwards she's reported taking her parents to 21. columnist Earl Wilson says: "Joey Heatherton arrived at the Philadelphia-Dallas game just in time to see husband Lance Rentzel catch a winning touchdown pass, then they were mobbed for autographs, a little like MM and Joe Miag used to be..." an "offense report" involving a ten-year-old girl is filed against her husband in Dallas, Texas, alleging Rentzel drove up in his car at suburban University Park, talked to the girl, then exposed himself a felony charge of indecent exposure is filed against her husband in Dallas, Texas.Coach Bryant looks at my brother right in the eyes and says, "The next guy coming to bat, Rentzal, I wantthat first damn pitch right at his head"!! My brother eyes the catcher and throws one high, right at the batter's head. There was the Lance Rentzel who lettered in football, basketball, baseball and track in high school and starred at OU in football and set records in the NFL and married the absolutely gorgeous actress, model and dancer, Joey Heatherton. I'm 65 and well remember some of her appearances on, Dean Martin, and , Johnny Carson. Wikipedia says she is 72 and apparently still alive. If I recall, he was a punter and was to punt from our end zone.Coach Bryant watches from the dugout and then yells out to my brother, "Not THAT ONE YOU PRIMA DONA, THE NEXT ONE"!! Then, there was the Lance Rentzel who missed OU's 1965 Gator Bowl game with Florida State because he signed with an agent before the game, and was arrested in 1970 for exposing himself to a 10 year old girl in a park in Dallas. Apparently that was a lady named, Gunilla Kunnutson. On his own, he decided to run the ball out and almost took it all the way.Details are still a little fuzzy on what exactly happened, but in short, Joey Heatherton and her neighbor have allegedly been at war for some time over noise.The actress/ model/ Playboy playmate apparently didn’t appreciate the ruckus the woman upstairs made every morning, specifically when she used her blender.There's no excuse for his behavior toward the latter part of his pro career. Mc Alester had a good tem at that time and we played Norman in Norman. Did you know Chet Bryan was the Baseball coach at OSU* in the 70s ?Needless to say he was mentally or emotionally sick. I remember the line: "take it off, take it all off"........talking about shaving cream.:-) mcalester, sorry ..right about it being Bryan instead of Bryant. Seems like Norman had a center named Rick Kersey who was real good. Mc Alester had a good tem at that time and we played Norman in Norman. Did you know Chet Bryan was the Baseball coach at OSU* in the 70s ?attends a party thrown by Joe and Rosalie Levine at the New York's Four Seasons after the A House Is Not a Home premiere.Among the guests are Shelley Winters, Perle Mesta, Louise Meyer, and Sophie Tucker. Other entertainers making the trip are Vic Damone, Phyllis Diller, Anita Bryant and Diane Shelton.She contends Anka forced Caesars Palace to break a contract with her by telling the management he would not perform if she was on the bill with him, despite an earlier contract. Passport Agency office at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan because she doesn't want to wait in line to get a passport. She allegedly attacked her former manager and lover, Jerry Fischer, with two knives at his home in Hillcrest after an argument in which he blamed her career troubles on drug use. The police on the scene find a white powder believed to be cocaine in her purse when she opens it looking for identification.The suit asks 0,000 in actual damages and million "for damages to the plaintiff's reputation and good will." attends President Nixon's White House gala to welcome for about 500 of America's returned prisoners from Vietnam. Prosecutors say she became enraged, began shouting and pulled the hair of a female clerk after she tried to cut into a long line but was denied special treatment. She is expected to face grand jury in mid-September.

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