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There are also Storyline Family Festival Days in Kaitaia at the Kaitaia Library and Te Ahu Centre from 11 – 4pm; and at the South Auckland Vodafone Events Centre from 11-3pm on Saturday 17th August for the first time!That night (Saturday 17th August) in Auckland authors, illustrators, librarians, teachers and anyone who loves children’s books will celebrate Storylines 20th anniversary at the National Library from 6pm to 8pm. On Sunday 18th August join writers and illustrators in Auckland: David Hill, Sally Sutton, Mark Sommerset, Chris Gurney, Nina Rycroft, Sandra Morris, Elena de Roo, Melinda Szymanik, Leonie Agnew, Fraser Williamson, Susan Brocker, Leonie Thorpe, Apirana Taylor, and the matriarchs of children’s literature: Joy Cowley and Dame Lynley Dodd at the Aotea Centre from 10 – 3pm.Ka kite ano Maria Gill children’s authors and illustrators came together at a hui in 1993 at Joy Cowley’s seaside home in the Marlborough Sounds and said, ‘Why don’t we have a festival celebrating New Zealand children’s books’.

The kids also see sneak previews of new books coming out.

At the moment I’m showing them the digital remake of my book ‘Rangitoto’ and a book trailer for a picture book coming out next year.

Another group of children help me enact a scene with puppets.

I get kids guessing who the famous New Zealander is from their baby photograph, who the heads of government are from their caricatures, and quiz them about some of my titles and reward them with bookmarks. I show the kids a photo of myself when I was twelve and tell them why it is relevant to who I am as a writer.

You’ll meet on the night: David Elliot, Fifi Colston, Lindy Fisher, Robyn Belton, Kyle Mewburn, Donovan Bixley, Heather Arnold, Melinda Szymanik, and myself!

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We’re part of a panel and afterwards you can ask us questions about the behind-the-scenes of creating a book.You can also make crafts, get your face painted, watch shows, enter competitions and win prizes, and pick-up freebies.It is incredible fun – come with your kids, parents, or by yourself! Also, on Saturday 24th August at the Ponsonby Art Station see the ‘Pictures Without Words’ illustration exhibition from 10-4pm. I’ll be at the Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland Storylines Family Festival Days and would love to see you there! When I first began giving author talks nearly ten years ago – I thought my goal was to inform the audience.It helps me remember where I’m up to in my talk – so I now don’t need any cue cards to remind me what I’m doing next.I encourage selected children to participate in a role play wearing props that make the other kids laugh.Since observing some of New Zealand’s best presenters I realised you had to take it a step further.You need to engage your audience by making them laugh, showing them something they haven’t seen before, letting them get to know you more, getting the kids up and being part of the performance and wowing them with some props/visuals.Here’s the full link: 31: H1 - it is ggo instead of goo.Full link here: 39: 45: I have a ballot box and voting papers so if any school wants to run a mock election, as part of an author talk visit please do contact me.My new book ‘Running the Country’ has been hitting a right note with teachers and librarians around the country.They’ve told me there was a desperate need for an updated book about how our country is run and now they have it.

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