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Most are from the Doctor Who TV series but there are also artifacts from One of the larger items on display is the Console from the 1989 Doctor Who Stage Play "The Ultimate Adventure" but there are also original scripts and other production paperwork on display.

Some costumes and props are in glass cabinets but others are not.

The show was first shown in 1963 and is therefore loved by many generations in Britain and across the world.

Member Brooke Pavlicevich said that was why the group organised an event for people to attend, hence the creation of "OTC Outing".

"Some of our dogs currently in care will be at Queens Park for an afternoon stroll with their carers," she said. "People can join us and bring their family and fur babies, of course.

Go to the cash register and ask to buy a museum ticket and all will be revealed.

You will give a key and led over to a TARDIS and yes, that's how you enter the museum! The one room museum is the width of the shop and has over 120 props and costumes on display and more are added regularly.

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________________________________________ Title: Re: In Diet (coat supplement) Post by: tutz on September 18, 2009, PM ________________________________________ Hi amang gud for coat po ba *** "solid gold sea meal"?

Continue along Green Street past West Ham Football Stadium and at the pub on the corner turn left.

This is Barking Road and the shop is by the bus stop.

Dog training is an essential need and must be followed by every dog owner under supervised conditions.

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