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(The recent report that organic food is no healthier than conventionally grown food should give her some vindication.) The news that her next book, reveals the extramarital affair she had with an old friend was met with both eyerolls and raised eyebrows, and her publisher's decision to push back the book's release date and screenwriter Nora Ephron's omission of the affair from the film were viewed as highly suspicious.

Early reviews of the film complain that the character based on Powell (played by Amy Adams) isn't nearly as likable or interesting as the Julia Child character (played by Meryl Streep), and food bloggers, many of whom were invited to advance screenings, are taking the film's release as an excuse to revisit their issues with Powell, which boil down to one complaint: she doesn't really know how to cook.

Like it or not, her breezy, chatty, "let me tell you about my dog and my husband and what I did this weekend and oh yeah here's a recipe for fried squash blossoms" approach set the tone for most of the food blogs today, of which there are thousands.

She was desperate to be more than a housewife—she just didn't know what. Though Ephron's film depicts Child taking deep, sensual pleasure in a perfectly cooked piece of fish, the legendary chef was, at heart, a scientist.

Her greatest satisfaction came from precision and clarity, so she approached her recipes like formulas, testing them endlessly, sweating the smallest details.

She was miserable in her job, hated her apartment, and was losing faith in herself.

She could have decided to build 365 birdhouses—she just needed something to do.

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