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Jon gosselin dating octomom

This speculation was confirmed by Jon when he proudly declared, “Octomom and her children are the best fifteen things that have ever happened to me!

We still think this could happen if his latest "reformed man" publicity stunt doesn't pan out!

The couple have been spotted at various nightspots and bulk item grocery stores, holding hands and pushing dozens of strollers.

Jon is the father of twins, as well as sextuplets, which led to fame for him and his wife Kate on the TLC show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.” Tabloids began publishing pictures of Jon carousing with other women, leading to speculation that he was not happy in the marriage.

This sounds disturbing, but the whispers don’t come as a total surprise.

After all, Nadya has confessed to having a bit of a Love Jones for Kate’s once-whipped penis supplier.

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