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Sono Marco Manzolini, fiduciario commercialista laureato in Economia e Commercio.

Coordino con esperienza pluriennale un team di professionisti che dedicano ogni giorno il loro lavoro alla cura dei nostri clienti.

All of our quotations are highly detailed, and in most cases we can print it out for you right in your home.

È un settore dove MPP sostiene i collaboratori a raggiungere una formazione professionale di alto livello.

La revisione aziendale è quell’attività che deve essere svolta da un soggetto esterno all’impresa che è chiamato ad esprimere un’opinione sul bilancio aziendale dopo un controllo e verifica della società dal punto di vista contabile, gestionale e amministrativo.

Our philosophy is to show our customers every possible option for their renovation, then let the customer choose what is right for them, their home, and their budget.

We come to do the estimate prepared with product samples and 10,000 products built into our laptop so you can see what suits your home before you buy.

Il settore della revisione è in continua evoluzione.

I nostri collaboratori sono abilitati sia nelle revisioni limitate che in quelle ordinarie.Our desire for safety, and our sheer laziness, are taking away our freedoms, and no one seems to care.We like having someone else tell us what to buy and what to think.As you know, good products are only part of the job…having the product properly installed is critical to ensure the long life of your renovation and we are very experienced.The world is never going to be a perfectly safe place. We even have rules with what a man can do to and with his own land, and they’re ridiculous.We should want the right to buy what we want to buy and to protect our land and our families with whatever we want – including a big dog (my dog’s banned in multiple countries – what the fuck! A few bad apples should not ruin it for the majority of the good ones.Una realtà consolidata e professionale composta da oltre 15 professionisti esperti nel settore di competenza pronti ad offrirvi il servizio più adatto alle vostre esigenze.Nella nostra sede risiede il cuore pulsante della nostra attività: fiduciaria, immobiliare, assicurativa e revisionale.Another one would be new regulations on the supplement industry. They put money into testing and research, but they have lower margins, they choose higher quality ingredients, and they could not afford to stay active if new regulations are passed and new red tape set up.Rules are created because the governing body has a low view of those who they govern, and because they want more control over each and every industry. Every statistic around shows that places with loose gun control in the States are safer than places with strict gun control.

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