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Franco mentioned having a girlfriend named “Isabel” during a Howard Stern interview in December, but there have otherwise been no public statements about their relationship, though they’ve been spotted together on several occasions.

Hopefully more information about the incidents with Franco will soon become available — because anyone guilty of sexual misconduct must be held accountable — no matter who they are.

She specifically wrote that Franco once forced her face toward his exposed genitals while in a car together, and that he also once invited her 17-year-old friend to his hotel room.

Meanwhile Taylor has been linked with teen queen Taylor Swift.

Stay tuned to see if there actually was a love connection.

Previously, she worked in publicity for several different companies in the entertainment industry. Pakzad also has a popular Instagram account with about 16,000 followers. In the past seven months alone, the California resident has posted pictures taken in Greece, Switzerland, France, Cabo San Lucas, Israel, Montenegro, Croatia, London, and New York.

Notably, there are no photos of her and Franco, which isn’t surprising considering how quiet they’ve supposedly kept their relationship.

The Mc Jakey campaign was born after Rachel Mc Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal presented together at the Oscars. Jake is currently shooting a movie in Montreal called . Interestingly and awkwardly enough, Kirsten Dunst, who is also in Montreal working on a different movie, was also there with a girlfriend sitting on the opposite side of the venue.

Because it looks like Jakey is tied up with someone else.

She’s set to graduate this year with a Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business, and Technology.

She graduated from Penn State in 2016 with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in International Studies.

Adrian Grenier has a few famous actresses on his list of exes.

Some of his ex-girlfriends have even co-stared in films with him.

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