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Is he interested in dating me

When you’re in the same room, pay close attention to his behavior.

If he’s staring at you when he thinks you aren’t looking, he’s definitely interested – at least in how you look.

With that in mind I wanted to review one of the recent emails I’ve received from a reader and offer some additional advice for this problem.

If he tries to be near you as you move about the room or just “pops up” next to you often, it means he wants to be close to you.With the above advice, it should be easy to detect your crush’s feelings next time you’re near him or speaking with him.Just remember that guys get nervous too and the reason he hasn’t asked you out yet might be as simple as the fear of rejection!When you and your friends are about to go home for the night, does he linger to try and catch a few moments alone with you?Even if it’s just a , it might have meant he was debating whether or not to ask for your number!Ladies, have you ever started a conversation with a man you’re interested in only to wonder a few minutes later if he’s flirting with you or not?Have you ever wondered if one of your guy “friends” sees you as more than just a friend?Conversely, if he approaches your friends yet continues to glance at you – especially if he is flirting with one of them – he’s probably .Click here to learn what your flirting style says about you.When he’s talking with someone near you, does he stand close to you – If he treats you markedly different than he treats other girls, rest assured he has feelings for you.Are you interested in discovering if a guy in your group of friends likes you? If he really likes you, he certainly won’t want you showing interest in his friends.

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