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Is gabriel aubry dating halle berry

And ironically, Halle’s paranoia may have actually contributed to the split.

“Gabriel was away in Canada a lot, and she’s wondering if maybe he had something going on there with someone else,” says the source, adding that Halle, 43, felt like she had gotten too old and worried when Gabriel, 34, went on modeling shoots with younger women.

“Knowing that he has moved on or that other women want him would make Halle very jealous,” says the insider.

Gabriel loved Halle, but he probably began thinking the same thing, that this whole deal wasn’t going to last.

They made it work for a while, and they shared an overwhelming love for their daughter.

“Halle never thought he’d rebound so quickly – and she’s upset,” says another insider.

“It’s been a huge blow to her ego.” But according to a friend of hers, it was always Halle’s worst nightmare that Gabriel would be attracted to someone else, and now she believes her fears have been confirmed.

Then – and this is just my guess – Gabriel began to tire of the arrangement they had worked out, and he wanted out, but he wanted to end it with some dignity and class.

Halle agreed, and they worked everything out about how they were going to split, and they kept it classy.

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old Cloud Atlas actress - who has a five-year-old daughter, Nahla, with Aurbry - tied the knot with Olivier Martinez in July, and the two welcomed their first child together, Maceo Robert Martinez, earlier this month.

In the immediate aftermath of Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry’s breakup, sh-t got dirty and heated really fast.

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