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We usually save saying ‘good luck finding sex in Tehran!

You will need to try and take some extra precautions when doing this.

And if all of that didn’t sound bad enough you have to deal with the fact that you can’t bring an Iranian girl back to your hotel room.

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The rich in the area surely have some fun with naked lady dancers, but good luck finding them.

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There are many brothels but again as a tourist they will be hard to find.Meeting prostitutes online in Tehran will certainly come with many risks, but a horny man will go to great lengths for sex.There are going to be some very beautiful women here, you can meet them online on apps like Tinder and Badoo. There are definitely lots of hookers in Tehran and if you hang out in the touristy areas in the northern part of the city you might find some.You can meet them on social media like Facebook and Instagram, or you can Google ‘prostitutes in Tehran’ or ‘escorts in Tehran.’ Since you can’t bring them back to your hotel that makes things difficult and more risky. The northern part of the city is nicer and safer so you should try to stay there anyways.That means you are going to have to go to their place and hope it isn’t a set up. You should try to head to Darakeh where there is some nightlife, and maybe ask a taxi to take you to a sofreh khaneh.There are lots of prostitutes in this city, just as there are in any major city around the world.However you are going to face some stiffer penalties if you get caught here, so you need luck on your side.Iran is among the more strictly governed countries in the world and with 99.4% of the population being Muslim their views on sex and pornography are quite conservative.There’s still quite a bit of Iranian porn made available through amateurs filming their illicit penetrations and sharing them.Meeting hookers in Tehran online or driving around the streets of Northern Tehran late at night and looking for streetwalkers is probably your best bet.Often times in cities like this one meeting people online is your best way.

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