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During the December 19 press conference in which he named North Korea as the culprit, Obama said, “We’ve got no indication that North Korea was acting in conjunction with another country.” There are reasons to be skeptical of such sweeping assurances.

And both demonstrated a willingness to inflict a taste of the intimidating and violent tactics with which totalitarian regimes control their own populations on American citizens and corporations.A deal that would assure the world of an entirely peaceful Iranian nuclear program. negotiators appear increasingly desperate to make a deal.That deadline has now been extended twice, while Iran has refused to surrender equipment and facilities that could be used to make nuclear weapons. They have bypassed Iran’s missile program; detoured around its support for terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah; and downplayed Iranian arms smuggling, violation of sanctions, and threats to obliterate Israel.Administration officials have also ducked questions regarding the possibility that Iran might be secretly engaged in nuclear activities with North Korea.Sources less invested in downplaying Iranian abuses have raised the intriguing prospect that Iran and North Korea might be collaborating on cyber-warfare.When asked for any official press releases or documents related to the Sands attack, an FBI spokesperson responded, “To my knowledge, no public documents, to include news releases, have been filed about this case.” The FBI also declined to answer any questions, saying, “The FBI’s investigation into the Las Vegas Sands Corporation intrusion is still pending, and, as such, further information is not available.” The Sands, which has confirmed the attack but not its origins, declined a request for further comment on the incident.In similar fashion, President Obama has publicly dismissed the idea that North Korea had help in its attack on Sony. There have been no reports of any hard evidence indicating that another state colluded with North Korea in the attack. investigators are indeed looking into the possibility that “Pyongyang ‘contracted out’ some of the cyber work.” The FBI has been standing by its statement that the North Korean government was behind the attack, but has been sparing in its release of any details.Unfortunately overshadowed by saturation coverage of the Sony hack, Elgin and Riley broke the story that private investigators from Dell Secure Works, hired by the Sands, had traced the attack back to Iran.Among these candidates, the most natural partner is Iran.The governments of China and Russia might be willing to host North Korean hackers, but they are hardly in dire need of munitions and technology from Pyongyang.

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