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Tambun Inn Hotel is situated in Ipoh, 650 yards from Minerals and Geoscience Department. Rooms include a private bathroom with a bidet and shower, with a hairdryer provided.

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The founders of the company decided to bring the forward thinking financial service to Ipoh, after seeing similar ATMs in Japan and South Korea.After taking a dip over the past two weeks, the value of a single Bitcoin stands at RM48,615.30 today (US,284.34).The ATM has been in operation since 2016, when Pinkexc (M) Sdn Bhd introduced the machine.Its value leverages on public confidence, and the currency’s acceptance.Worth only US in 2013, its value surged to US,000 (RM80,000) but the end of last year.This is probably because Malaysia is our nearest neighbour, hence visiting it is never really considered “a holiday”.Little would you expect that some parts of Malaysia, Ipoh in this case, is capable of bringing us an unforgettable experience-filled trip.writes that Pinkexc founder have applied to Bank Negara for permission to take their ATMs across the country, but have not been able to secure permits yet.Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency that has no intrinsic value, intermediary government, nor a central bank regulator.More than just Ipoh Hor Fun and Kopi, Ipoh is a great weekend getaway destination for those who love food, nature and adventure.Celine rides a Firefly to uncover the gems of Ipoh for you! I’m not sure about you but when friends ask where am I heading to on a holiday, the answer “Malaysia” seems to be really anti-climatic.

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