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The key: intensity, and explosive athletic movements.The majority of the athletes we see on TV playing basketball, boxing, or playing football do a lot of these kinds of exercises because they build power, speed, and explosiveness.Odds are, what you’ve been doing up to this point has been focusing more on pushing that pulling anyways, so it’ll do your physique (performance as well) some good regardless.

But the back is also one of the biggest muscles in your body.

It’s involved in virtually every movement our upper body makes, in the athletic arena.

But also help you eat the right foods when you’d rather eat crap. And chubby is what a lot of them were when training started. They lifted heavy, mixed intense (sprints) cardio their weight training, and lifted with a lot of variation in their rep counts.

Most of the time we don’t have to search very far for this reason. Their success in their training was measured on their performance, not simply how they were looking.

The hardened facade that we’d like people to think is the real us. If you’re confident when you’re completely exposed. We’re going to go over unique strategies to help accomplish both: a great looking, and physique that will give you the confidence you need to be at your best every single day you’re alive.

Does that mean our confidence is only skin (or muscle) deep? We’ll deal with the courage and strength that a man should possess in an upcoming article. We’ll go into it further in a future article, but having a powerful “why” is maybe the most important thing you can possibly have – no matter what your endeavour.

The lesson: if you’re getting stronger, improving your power and endurance, you’re most likely going to be building a better looking physique.

Adding different athletic movements to your training can help with the intensity.

Both exercises help build lean muscle, but they also dramatically improve explosiveness.

The back and the shoulders are the two most important muscle groups when constructing a physique that will make you confident.

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