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High-speed footage from ESA’s latest tests to create ultra-durable spacecraft shielding reveals the incredible moment a bullet travelling 4 miles per second bursts into a ‘cloud of fragments and vapor’ after piercing one of the candidate materials.

The space agency is working to develop shielding made from thin layers of metal that can protect its craft from cosmic debris.

Facebook (right), based in Menlo Park, California, uses data gathered from its 1.4 billion daily active users worldwide as well as via third-party websites to target its adverts and other content.

Boeing has been testing flying taxi prototypes that could one day be capable of ferrying humans to and from places, via urban 'vertiports,' not unlike Uber.

The firm says flying taxis could be used in a decade.

Researchers led by Columbia University trawled 86 million profiles from a genealogy website to uncover the 'family' of 13 million people from Europe and the US in a breakthrough study.

By looking at their genetic data, they were able to piece together their migrations, marriages and how long people lived for - with some interesting patterns emerging.

But despite their long lives, Greenland sharks are notoriously elusive.

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Now, scientists from the Memorial University of Newfoundland have captured stunning footage of Greenland sharks in their natural habitat.

A pair of British graduates based in Birmingham are attempting to break the food market with the exotic Asian 'jackfruit' by selling it as a healthy pork alternative that can be used in a range of meals from burgers (bottom centre image) to curries, fajitas and more.

The 'miracle crop' is the biggest tree-borne fruit in the world (pictured left and right) and grows in south and southeast Asia.

An expert says that the tiger would have had problems getting a proper grip of the sloth bear through her long fur, and roles are soon reversed with the bear - who was protecting her young cub - charging at the tiger and chasing it off.

The tattoos are of a wild bull (inset) and a Barbary sheep on the upper-arm of a male mummy (circled), and S-shaped motifs (centre right) on the upper-arm and shoulder (bottom right) of a female (top right).

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