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The assumption is that men prefer less intelligent women because women with a high IQ are often passed over in favor of “ditzes” — according to these smart, rejected women. According to the study mentioned in the article “Men are threatened by intelligent women” by the Independent; “Men are attracted to the idea of dating intelligent women — but don’t actually like the reality of it.”I myself at one time believed this to be true and I’ve spoken with many women who had this suspicion as well.

In the dating scene, to self-identified intelligent women, it appears true that men prefer dating women who aren’t as smart, who don’t have careers, who aren’t an “equal.” I’ve confronted men with this idea and heard rounds of denial that they love smart women and smart women excite them, but the reality is different.

Usually, I have found that if I let go of my reactions and distance myself emotionally, I will find some truth. There are several kinds of intelligence, although when speaking of intelligence most of us assume we are talking about book smarts.Rumor has it men are threatened by intelligent women. He’s not looking for a business partner, he’s looking for a lover, friend, partner, spouse.This rumor is spread, for the most part, by intelligent women who are overlooked by men in favor of someone else who they deem to be dumber. As a matter of fact, intelligence isn’t really a huge factor in attraction. And therefore, his criteria is different for selecting someone than for instance your bosses.Some women who are very driven, have found ways to compensate for this.They will seduce the man, then to create romantic tension artificially, they will create drama.Drama makes us feel the same emotions associated with healthy, natural sexual tension like uncertainty and nervousness and so many often mistake drama for passion and embark on a toxic roller coaster ride.But drama lacks the excited anticipation, the admiration for the other that natural sexual tension has.Unlike with men, the skills and traits that make women successful at work actually work against them in romantic situations.If we describe this as intelligence we are missing the point.Intelligent women would have more success with men if they studied how to attract and excite the man they want and then let him chase her, than pursuing him outright.If we don’t understand the basics of seduction, attraction and sex, we will never get what we want and have the relationships we desire.“Eroticism is mystique; that is, the aura of emotion and imagination around sex.

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