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Intelligence and dating

My previous article detailed how, as a 32-year old with no medical problems, I spent ~0k on enhancing my health. Aggressive bioenhancement of human abilities has long been a sci-fi dream/nightmare.Thousands of tests, medical teams, dozens of prescription drugs. It shows many health benefits — 3–4x reduction in body fat, very high athletic performance (VO2Max ~70), negligible inflammatory processes, 80% increase in testosterone, and improvements to many biomarkers of aging. The article became extremely popular and reached millions of readers. And (if you read the previous article) here is concrete evidence and a lot of data that show it is I think that what we are doing with biohacking is the beginning of humanity’s split into separate species.

To build one of the platform companies that give us The Singularity.

To help make us immortal posthuman gods that cast off the limits of our biology, and spread across the Universe. But we should accept that the above is indeed find it incredibly meaningful.

But you need to know precisely what that is, and I can’t help you figure that out. We will dig into all these tools a bit later in the article. A sign we are smart is if we manage to get 5–8 hours of totally focused, truly deep, uninterrupted work with no procrastination.

Every time we successfully get into deep flow, we adapt. And still have time and energy for gym, friends, travel, music, sports, sleep, meditation etc.

Enhanced posthumans who will make all the decisions (and who will likely come from the tech communities of Silicon Valley and China).

“Basic humans,” who will (maybe) be taken care of well, but will have no real say in what happens.[Laughter] Because, you know the [Warren Buffett] expression about compound interest. [G]ive us billionaires an extra hundred years and you’ll know what [true] wealth disparity looks like.” [Income is already driving biological inequality, and more of it with every year.From the stats above, we can speculate that men born in 1985 and in the top 1% of income already have a life expectancy of at least 95–100; for women this number is even higher. Or the massive progress in biotechnologies anticipated in the coming decades.The reason this cataclysmic shift is coming: intelligence can already be enhanced..Intelligence is much more than just IQ or skill at mathematics.Last month I spent several days reading the (exceptional) Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini (THE guru of persuasion). Distilled the core concepts in a long recommendation-review for friends.This book became a mental model for human behavior. If you want a health-focused discussion, read the previous article. Stuff that makes us healthy is mostly the same stuff that makes us intelligent. I do most of these things with a team of MDs with decades of medical experience led by Peter Attia, one of the top health-optimization doctors in the world.The above definition is critical to understanding this article — re-read it a couple times. But if we drill down, there is a set of intellectual abilities essential to nearly all complex human goals.These could be broken into:“Intelligence” will refer to these “universally useful intellectual abilities” going forward.Much more so than wasting my life on buying yachts and jets, having children, or giving to charities.The framework below is designed to enhance our intelligence to get us whatever we want.

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