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Horoscope dating online

With mature Saturn in your ninth house of risk-taking, you might need to push past these nervous feelings.

Don't let insecurities or fears get the better of you.

Make evening plans with friends, but abide by the same guidelines: leave the drama queens off the guest list and hang with healthy, fun-loving members of your tribe.

Take a break to nurture yourself, then get back out there and play with the all-stars. As forthright Mercury butts heads with a jealous Mars, a competitive vibe with a friend or colleague could reach a boiling point.

Tread lightly, as the other person could be feeling threatened and ready to go on the attack. Go in with the goal of building bridges, not burning them.

Treating everyone like a potential opponent will undermine your social success.

While it's true you're surrounded by talented people, they aren't determined to knock you off your pedestal. Joining forces with someone whose techniques are old fashioned will be illuminating.

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