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NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A ladder propped against a stained wall leads up into a dark passage on the second floor of an Indian brothel, lined by a series of locked doors.

If you’ve noticed your partner doing two or more of the below, it could be cause for concern, Filler told “We find that quite a lot of our clients become overly affectionate with their partners when they are playing away,” she said.

The specialist counsellor explained that this is typically due to a combination of guilt and a renewed sex drive, catalysed by their frisky “bit on the side”, so to speak.

“One of our clients this year became suspicious when her husband became unnaturally interested in doing the school run, something he’d made excuses not to do for years.

“Add this to his desire to work at home more (especially when she was out for the day) and she wasn’t surprised when she found out he was having an affair with another mum from school.” When a person is having an affair, it can be all to easy to fancy yourself as the next Agatha Christie and start delving into the murky depths of their finances.

"They talk business at these parties," says one female entrepreneur who ended up leaving Silicon Valley altogether for New York.

It is a common phrase at massage parlours offering sexual services, and they are not hard to find in Australia.We don’t work from the same office and desk each day,” explains Filler.Therefore, changes in routine are harder to spot, she adds.While you might suspect a cheating partner will want to engage less with you, Filler explains that it is quite the opposite. “They want to know everything you’ve been doing in great depth. The less they talk the less chance they’ll slip up.” Keeping up appearances via the art of conversation allows adulterers to keep “one foot in the marriage camp” by feigning an interest in their partner’s lives, she said.“They may also talk about a hobby or subject they’ve never shown any interest in before.The industry is full of especially Asian female migrants and international students, lured by the promise of easy money to provide massage with "extra" services.But they are often left to fend for themselves, in terms of their workplace rights, safety and health.A wide range of such parties exist—some drug- and alcohol-free, some not—but they are generally discreet, invitation-only affairs, and the hosts make sure that female guests outnumber the males.Chang says "household" names are involved, including tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.“We have seen too many examples where technology has played a part in the discovery of an affair."In recent cases, partners have become suspicious when the Sat Nav history didn’t correlate with where their partner said they have been or when the i Cloud 'share on all devices' was suddenly switched off." Other tech warning signs that Filler has seen in adulterers first-hand include: using shared devices far less, reducing social media activity and exercising at odd hours of the day, as spotted on a partner’s Fit Bit.

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