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Help my daughter is dating a black man

That being said, the world is changing so much these days and if you can get a good man--that's the most important thing.I have been in an interracial marriage for almost 7 years (been together for over 15) and it has been great. I am not of immediate mix race (Mother and father), But most people think I am. I believe as long as the family stands by the couple and their children they will be fine.

I refuse to let other people determine how happy I or my family are or will be.

Support your child and keep her and her boyfriend in your prayers.

Also, there are so many others out there so you don't feel like you're the only one out there.

I have several other family members who have dated/are married to someone outside of our race.

I hope I've said anything that eases your concerns (instead of just rambling). And of course your acceptance will just make that joy so much more meaningful because she will be able to share the joys in her life with you (if they end up marrying one day). of Woodstock, GA I recently moved to this area after living all over the world.

I am excited to see a variety of races living amongst each other in this region.

Thanks Again, Bonnie Life will be wonderful, if they love and respect each other! I was married to my hs sweetheart 17 1/2 yrs(he passed in 05) who was black. It is my understanding that only in America is someone judged so harshly by the color of their skin instead of the quality of their heart and intent of their mind.

After all their were mixed races throughout the bible, including Moses.

After 17 years of marriage, I would say that she was right. If the man is a believer of Jesus, hoping your daughter is too, race does not matter. There are stereotypes because a general pattern has made it so.

It has been an adventure and if my husband and I had not been so committed to our marriage it could have ended up badly. You are going to be concerned about something you are not familiar with and perhaps have no experience with other than what you hear and see on TV.

Comments Help my daughter is dating a black man