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Harmony 1100 remote not updating

If you love to watch movies, for example, and are always using the Play and Pause buttons, you can tell the Harmony 1100 to make those commands immediately available on the screen once you start your movie.

In addition to the customizable touch screen, the Harmony 1100 offers simple details that also make it easy to use, such as tactile guides, which are located around the touch screen and help position your fingers so that you choose the right command.

Logitech Harmony is a line of remote controls and home automation products produced by Logitech.

All Harmony remotes prior to the 2015 Harmony Elite are set up online and retrieve settings via a computer's USB port.

The 2015 Elite model introduced the ability to set up the remote with a mobile device app. All Harmony remotes support one-touch activity based control, which allows control of multiple devices at once.

Early versions of the remote software required a web browser; newer versions are Java-based.

The software requires constant Internet connectivity while programming the remote, as remote control codes are downloaded from Logitech.

In addition, the volume buttons would be mapped to the sound system, the channel buttons would be mapped to the digital set to box, and other controls to the most appropriate system component for the activity.

The remote software allows users to update the remote configuration, learn IR commands, and upgrade the remote control's firmware.

Of course, we weren't allowed to report about it until today.

The new remote differs from the original Harmony 1000 in a number of ways. Second, Logitech promises it won't randomly freeze up like the 1000 did (though I'm not sure that's something that was ever actually admitted to...) A customizable, 3.5-inch full-color touch screen adorns the front and hard buttons are limited to Volume, Channel, Mute, Replay and Navigation controls (less than the 1000).

For example, a home theater setup might include a TV, a digital set top box and a home theater sound system.

Pressing the 'Watch TV' activity button on the remote will turn on the TV, turn on digital set top box, turn on the sound system, switch the input of TV to the digital set top box and switch the input of the sound system to the set top box.

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