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Gpo not updating registry

To make things worse, after a while, we would look at the policy and trying to figure out what those registry setting meant and where they came from ... In the past, I attempted to create an ADM file for a couple of our most common application, but I gave up due to the complexity of the ADM syntax.Last weekend I was thinking about this again and I decided to give it another try.

This is the report from the Group Policy Management This is a millon times more readable than the mess of registry keys and setting that the GPM would be showing if we did not have the ADMX/L files inplace.

Notice that only 3 values are listed under the CONFIG section, that it's because the fourth is still disabled.

Had I imported the registry file into this system the first one would have a value ("default value of the key"), but this is not happening.

Here is the Config folder, notice that the fourth value does not show, just as expected.

b) all dwords values are assigned a numeric textbox for data entry c) all other value types are treated as strings and assigned a textbox for data entry.

Gpo not updating registry

@ or (Default) The tools will not handle correctly the "@" or unnamed valuename.

if it's just a few values we create an ad-hoc registry policy and set the values thru GPO, but when we have a large .

REG file with a lot of settings things become a lot harder, and we have to start dancing around figuring out how to best deploy this settings.

I did not want to use and "old" standard, so I decided to research the ADMX policies.

I opened the ones I found in my systems and it seemed pretty simple to understand.

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