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After a few drinks, he suggested we go dancing (yippee a place with even louder music! We get into his car and as he pulls out of the parking garage, he takes out a bottle of vodka he had hidden under the driver's seat, pours the vodka into an empty Starbucks cup and starts drinking while driving.

If things could not get any worse, he asks if we can pass by a bank machine.

I wake up the next morning and start getting ready for work and play the messages on my speaker phone. Did I mention this is all happening on Valentine's Day? "Hey (insert gross guys name) Not sure if you are aware of this but I woke up this morning to 3 rather long voicemails... " He was beyond embarrassed and told me it was the lowest point of his life. Sandy, Hamilton, Ont.: "Friends" had set me up with someone they didn't know very well.

Turns out he was at a bar and turns out he was trying to pick up a girl. I listened to soundbites of, "oh just come home with me"... If you don't mind deleting my number and never contacting me again. Shortly after meeting him, it was obvious that the night would likely go badly.

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It was too much, and all I could do to keep from laughing. We hung out, talked, and after a while, we decided to go for sushi.

By the time our bill came, he asked if I could pay (he had recently quit working for RIM).

Morgan, Toronto I met a guy one weekend on a ski trip and gave him my number.

He was really into me that night and said he'd call to set up a date.

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