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I see a lot of ads run that the lady is from Canada. as i live in michigan i have been to canada a lot of times and i love tornoto. If you're in love and after you meet with them, and you know things are sparking up and working out.. There has been for sure but for the most part things are pretty calm between us. but i know the spanish did own part of michigan at one time and maybe france to. If you're really in love then I think a person would move to make it work.

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You got to admit those old days of the NY teams trying to kill each other was awesome,old rivals are gone. and when detriot got chellios and probert went to chicago i was like TRAIDERS!!! There is also a population called "Metis" (sorry, don't know how to put accent aigu in on this keyboard) which was mixed Native American and French Canadian... I for got to put indian in i think that answers the question. i read a book were they say the have found viking things in michigan and that some of the indians used norse words as there magic worlds.

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However, certainly the French settlers mixed with Native Americans in Quebec and elsewhere as they were some of the very earliest settlers in Canada...silken WOW, Silken thanks for all the info. i have heard of french and english thing on tv before but i never head all the history of it.

The French man has long been considered the holy grail of international lovers.

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