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U-Report polled 13,000 users in Liberia to ask if teachers at their schools were exchanging grades for sex.

PHE’s marketing director Sheila Mitchell believes the addition of the Facebook Messenger bot as a support tool for smokers will increase the % of successful quitters.

“The heart of the campaign is social,” explains Mitchell.

Professor Louis-Philippe Morency, co-creator of Ellie, says the bot cannot replace a human therapist, but is a decision support tool that helps to “ with a Facebook Messenger bot for their month-long Stoptober campaign to help smokers quit.

Stoptober successfully helped 500,000 people quit smoking last year, an impressive 20% of the 2.5 million smokers who registered.

Simply exposing a pervasive taboo inspired victims to speak up and reach out for help.

Since then, UNICEF and Liberia’s Minister of Education have collaborated on a plan to stop the issue.Sarafina’s father successfully confronted the man and got the report card, but his daughter was reprimanded for reporting her teacher’s sexual advances and forced to move to another school.In Liberia, teachers enjoy high social status but children, especially young girls, are culturally trained not to speak out, leading to a culture of silence and tolerance.She travels alone and straps huge plastic jugs to her back so she can bring gallons of water home to her family.You learn about her dreams of going to school and see a map of her journey.While some aspects of the law, like bankruptcy, are complicated and unintuitive, many legal processes can be modeled as logical decision trees by computers.Browder’s mission is to turn Do Not Pay into a legal bot platform where lawyers can identify aspects of the law that are automatable and create their own bots., a Facebook Messenger chatbot that humanizes the water crisis in Ethiopia.Yeshi is a young girl in Ethiopia who walks 2.5 hours every day to the nearest reliable water source.Such social support, whether given by human or bot, has a huge impact on people.Even gifting senior citizens with a is shown to reduce stress and improve socialization.

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