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There’s also no need to worry about keeping the app updated — as long as you’re using the latest version of i OS then the Facetime app will also be up-to-date.

To make a call, simply open the app and tap on the name of the contact that you’re trying to reach.

On mobile, you may be presented with icons for both a video call and an audio call on the top right of the app. To add additional people to the call, tap the “ ” sign which will bring up a menu of contacts to select from.

On the desktop, you may be presented with only the audio call icon.

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To chat with a friend, locate that person in your friend's list and tap on their name.

If your friend is not available, you can leave a video message — and if your friend is available they can choose to either “Join” so that you can see each other, or “Watch” which allows them to see and hear what you’re doing without being seen themselves.

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