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Free sex in canada

Community members were shocked to learn that mastectomies with chest contouring did not make the list; only plain mastectomies done in-province would be funded.This meant that trans men would have surgery similar to that obtained by women with breast cancer, but with nipples.

Newfoundland and Labrador doesn’t fund contouring, either, and, according to the 2013 CPATH results, Saskatchewan only sometimes funds mastectomies as part of the transition process.

The wide spectrum of trans identities means that not every trans person wants gender-confirming surgeries; for those who do, the surgeries are considered essential.

Eight provinces, all but New Brunswick and PEI, fund some combination of gender-confirming surgeries.

Though NSRAP wrote Health Minister Leo Glavine in November, it received no update on the file until just two weeks before Christmas, and even then, it came from freelance reporter Maggie Rahr.

Rahr was producing a CBC radio documentary about the challenges faced by trans people waiting for GCS.

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