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The only males she ever saw were the instructors and although she felt sometime that they were looking at her strange lately, she ignored the feeling. “Headmaster Michael would like to see you in his office immediately. One does not get called to the Headmasters office very often and when they did, they did not speak of it.

The furniture in the office was all wood and very ornate. That was a lot of money, she could do many things that she had only read about.

Powerone can be reached at [email protected] Guardians Wishes-Chapter One Michael has been the Headmaster of a very exclusive all girls boarding school for over ten years.

(Lady Dreamer and Powerone)M /F, Virg, Reluc, Humil, Anal, reluc This story is collaboration between Lady Dreamer and Powerone. It is a story of the coercion of a young lady, Rachel, to fulfill the sexual desires of her older Guardian.

In order to gain the inheritance that is rightfully hers, she must consent to be trained by the Headmaster to service her Guardian.

Rachel sat up in the chair, did she hear him correctly, did he say, prepare her sexually for him.

“What do you mean, prepare sexually,” she stammered, her voice breaking up.

At the end of that time, you will be given your inheritance and you will be free to do as you desire. It will only require three years of your life and then you will have the wherewithal to do anything you want in life.

You may stay with Stephen, but that is not a requirement.” “I don’t know what to say, Sir. Most young ladies would jump at a chance to take this offer. I have trained a number of young ladies like you over the years that have accepted similar offers from their Guardians.She would be back to having no future without the help of Stephen. This would be about two million dollars, as Stephen wisely invested the money for you. She would be rich and could do anything she wanted to. He has been so generous towards me since my parent’s death. I respect you for the many things you have taught me the last eight years.” Rachel could not contain her enthusiasm. While most twenty-one year olds would be just starting out in life, she would be financially sound.“I hope you are sincere in your desire to please both Stephen and myself.She will be taught to experience pleasure against her own will and to give pleasure against her will.She will be trained in all the perversions of the flesh.Rachel has a slender figure, medium height, peaches and cream complexion, long wavy brown hair and unusual gray/blue eyes.She turned eighteen years old today and has been at the boarding school since she was ten. Stephen, her Guardian was a good friend of her mother and as Rachel had no other relatives, he petitioned the court for custody of Rachel. He had no trouble convincing the court that he could care for Rachel.This will involve humiliation and if you fail to perform as desired, this will require discipline, often you will be sexually punished.You will have to serve his sexual desires for a period of three years.She would not even think of questioning his authority. This consists of a white, button down blouse, plaid skirt, saddle shoes and socks. While the other teachers were respectfully called by their last name, the Headmaster used his first name. Rachel knocked on the door and waited for a response.The one time she did, when she was twelve, Michael had taken her over his lap and spanked her ass. Although Rachel thought the blouses were a little too transparent (you could see the outline of her bra underneath) and the skirts a little too short (they were three inches above the knees) she does not complain. But he required you also used the term Headmaster with his first name. It was a large oak door, befitting the owner’s power and prestige. Rachel entered and as usual was amazed by the grandeur of the office.

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