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However, despite the circumstances, he has confidence in his own abilities and finds the situation to be more of an interesting game than a roadblock.

He prefers to sleep late, often due to business and schoolwork keeping him up until the wee hours; and he suffers from hypotension, which makes rising difficult. , he chastises the other Hosts for waking him up because he himself did not fall asleep until 5 a.m.

As a complete foil to Tamaki, even in appearance, he often realizes things Tamaki or the others are too naive to understand, keeping the information to himself for his own amusement or to watch things play out in order to determine how best to help the other members.

His family is extremely well-known in their chosen field and employs a private police force called The Black Onion Squad.

Though equally qualified to become patriarch of the Ootori family, he feels overshadowed by his two older brothers, who are far more likely to inherit their family's mantle than he.

Kyoya is calm, logical, and has superior intelligence.

He also can come across as rather detatched, and sometimes threatening when need be.

The positive traits of Sagittarius are intellectual capacity, independence, wit and a healthy sense of competition; the negative traits being a tendency to be brutally honest and easily bored.

Another area of contention regarding the Shadow King is whether or not he smirks.

He is a diligent secretary for the club and tracks continuous data on the club's guests and fortunes through his netbook, tablet or notebook.

He is very fond of his best friend, Tamaki Suoh, giving him free rein when it comes to club matters.

Haruhi disputes his being able to see the ring and chides that Kyoya is a lot like Tamaki - a good person who willingly helps others out of his own free will - but different in that he prefers to maintain an indifferent facade.

Kyoya has short, black hair, styled into a casual look and has brownish-grey eyes.

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