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No one really cared to know more about her, because she was just a nameless trainee at the time.While ELFs questioned Eunhyuk, he didn’t confirm or deny the rumor. ELFs knew she was under various companies, soon to debut under Good Entertainment, as “Oh So Nyeo” (translated 오소녀: Five Girls – but the debut was put to a halt in 2007 and the five trainees missed a chance to debut).

The most popular rumor was of Eunhyuk dating a Cube entertainment trainee named Choi Jina.

” Representatives of HITT’s agency replied, “Hyun Joon has often been mistaken for Kyuhyun, even before his debut.

Not only that, but their last names are also Cho.” Although rookies, HITT recently headlined for ranking in at the top 50 on Germany’s VIVA Chart, the fifth Korean musician to ever do so.

As you can see, the top part of the pajama is the same, down to the button detail.

Rumors that the two are dating have been going around, with much ‘proof’ saying the two have couple items.

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