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Error updating view domino

Your private key is a well-kept secret that is only stored in your user ID file.

These keys are mathematically related to each other and are unique to each user ID.

The public key is stored in your user ID and the Domino Directory.

This is especially important if you want to implement password or public key checking for the first time.

You'd hate to turn on those functions, only to find out that you've accidentally prevented a few hundred users from accessing servers. How to fix Lotus Notes user IDs with mismatched public keys Fortunately, the solution is a piece of cake, if you know these four steps: Unfortunately, I am not aware of any automated way to fix this problem.

Occasionally, mostly by accident or through someone not following best practices, the public key in a Lotus Notes ID file becomes different than the one in the Notes Address Book.

An overview of the 'check public key' feature in Lotus Notes Using an event handler to track down public key mismatches in Lotus Notes Troubleshooting an agent that cannot encrypt email message A primer on encryption and privacy in Lotus Notes/Domino But that's not all.

i have a problem with the updating view process(that i can see in the notes log.nsf) because lotus notes server start to updating all view of all database during staff working time and i want that it start for example at pm of every day when all user are not working with notes, because Updating view 'aaa' process reduce a lot server performance and database works slowly).

I cannot find the correct configuration tab in the domino administrator where set the starting time of this process.

About the author: Andy Pedisich is President of Technotics, Inc.

He has been working with Lotus Notes and Domino since Release 2.

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